Today on March 15, 2018 Craigslist began to charge a $5 fee for posting in the services and gigs categories. There will no longer be an option to renew a post. You can only repost a post that may have gone expired or has gone way down in the results. For small businesses this will have a negative impact. On the other hand for small businesses that are legit there will probably be less posts in these categories which can mean more exposure. Already there is a huge difference between the number of posts for March 14 and March 15. Central NJ Services normally has about 50 -100 posts a day. Its 5:00PM EST and only 2 are present. Which will mean much more exposure because now you don't have every business all over legit or not flooding these categories. Time will tell how all this pans out.

Craigslist five dollar fee

UPDATE MARCH 19: Well after a few days of this new fee for services and gigs categories from Craigslist, the change has been dramatic. I posted under jersey shore -> computer services 4 days ago and my post is still in the #1 spot. This fee definitly weeds out all the companies that post in mass quanities all over the country.

Now my post still in the #1 spot is not typical in other categories and areas. Some categories and areas have not even recieved a new post since the new fee update. While other categories and areas have recieved on average up to a couple per day. This trend may change as time goes on.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

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