I recently completed two new projects. The first one I want to mention is for Atlantic Lawsuit Funding. I am very proud of the design work I put into this website. All the design elements and layout is fully custom done by me. The site has a super clean layout with a very professional look and feel.

Stack media design also provided then with our powerful hosting through our parent company A2 Hosting. This provides them with the fastest and most reliable delivery of their website. You can check it all out at www.atlanticlawsuitfunding.com

Atlantic Lawsuit Funding

Another project I completed just recently was a portfolio website for RE Mentoring. Creating this website was a unique challenge to say the least. My client wanted me to embed some of her daughter's artwork from grade school into the site. This artwork had a tremendous amount of sentimental value to my client. Using cell phone images of the artwork given to me by my client, I was fortunately able to add just the right amount of graphic design to create a wonderful portfolio site.

RE Mentoring

My company also provided our lighting fast hosting. You can check out the speed of their site and layout at www.rementoringllc.com

Saturday, September 22, 2018

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