Create Google Maps API Key

At the time of writing this article, Google Maps is free to use for your website for up to 25,000 map loads per day. To view the current pricing please visit:

Google API Pricing Charts Link


This article goes over how to create a Google API Key to enable Google Maps for your website. Before or during the process of creating an API Key you will need to login to your Google / Gmail Account that you want to use in association with this API Key.

First go to the following link:

Scroll down to the Quick guide section and click on the GET STARTED button

Google Maps Get Started Link


The next page will have a popup with add-on options. If you just need a basic map to show where users can find your location, the Maps checkbox is good enough. When done with your selection(s), click CONTINUE.

Google Maps Options


Next page you will be asked to create a project. Simply give your project a name and click NEXT.

Create Google Project


Next if you do not have any billing setup with your Google Account, you will be asked to set that up. Once done you will receive your API Key.

Google Billing


Author: Jesse Lange

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