Edit a schedule using Woocommerce Open Close plugin

Go to Shop Schedule on the left hand side menu in the WordPress dashboard of your website. Click on All Schedules.

Woocommerce Open Close Menu


Next select the schedule you want to change hours.

Schedule Select


To set a day to be completely closed all day set both the Start time and End time  to the same time. For example if you want Saturday closed all day click on Saturday and set both Start time and End time to 12:00AM.

Close all day example


To set a day to be completely open all day long you will want to set the Start time and End times  to 12:00AM and 11:59PM. So for example if you want Monday to be open all day you would click on Monday and set the times to 12:00AM for open and 11:59PM for close.

Open all day example


To set a day to be partially open, you will set the Start time and End times. For example if you want Thursday to close at 8:00PM you would click on Thursday and set the End time to 8:00PM.

Partial close example


Once all done editing the schedule make sure your schedule is active and click update.

Update schedule


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