Website Service Retainer - Cancel Anytime

Our contract services locks in Stack Media Design LLC to be available for all your web development needs up to 5 websites you own. We will be required to respond within 14 days of any requests to update your website.

If Stack Media Design fails to do so, you will not be billed for the current 3 month cycle. The retainer is $30.00 a month for 3 months and will automatically renew at the end of the 3 month cycle unless cancelled by you. For any reason cancellations may be requested by email, text, or phone at anytime.


* Request for a hard copy in the mail is available

Contract Image

You may cancel at anytime - no questions asked. Cancellations begin once the current 3 month period comes to an end. Your contract will remain active until the end of the current 3 month cycle. Also the remaining balance will still be due for the current 3 month cycle when the cancelation was requested.

Our website maintenance includes but is not limited to new website pages, updating pages, and fixing issues. Maintenance fees are $21.00 an hour. All active contracts come with free WordPress and plugin updates. Also you get the premium version of Gravity Forms plugin with every contract. Premium version stays active even after your contract ends with us. Just as long as you paid remaining balances due on the contract.

Estimates for the total time and cost of requested work will always be given before work begins. To learn more or help with setting up your contract with Stack Media Design please call 732.608.1230 or email us on our Contact Page.