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Stack Media Design offers the most secure account protection on all our services. One of our secure methods of protection is the use of what is called two-step authentication applications. 

How does two-step authentication work you may ask? Setting up this security measure and using it is rather simple but still a very powerful way to protect your account.

First you begin the login process into your account using your email and password. After entering the login information, you are then asked to enter in a six digit pin before you can log into the account. You get the six digit pin using an authorized two-step authentication app like Google's Athenticator App. These apps can be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet. 
The six digit pin number in your two-step authentication app for your account changes every 60 seconds. Entering in this six digit pin during 60 second window will give you access to your account as long as the email and password are correct. 
There's also always the option to enter in a 16 digit pin that you create during the initial setup of this security option just in case you do not have access to the app. This 16 digit pin never changes unless you manually request a change.

two-step authentication example

Setting up two-step authentication is really simple. Login into your account and go to the Update account section.

Update Stack Media Hosting Account

Next go to the Security Settings section.

Security settings for Stack Media Design hosting

Enable Two-step Authentication by clicking the button.

Barcode scan for Two-step Authentication

Just scan the barcode with with the authenticator app you downloaded onto your device and continue with the last few simple instructions on the app until finished.

You can see a demo of all this in the video we created:

Sunday, June 24, 2018

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