Very excited to announce our new project for Ace Neon Factory

Ace Neon Factory is a neon sign company that manufactures custom signs, repairs, and sells parts/accessories. They been around for over 50 years in the great state of New Jersey.Stack Media Design is going to create an awesome special neon effect on their website and set up an online store. Much of the website is expected at the end of March 2018. Read More »

13th Mar 2018
The Buff Bride website is here!

Stack Media Design is proud to announce we just completed our most recent project. The Buff Bride is a unique business that caters to getting the bride to be in shape for her big day for those just looking to get in shape and healthier. This project was a lot of fun for Stack Media to develop and design. The unique nature of the business of The ... Read More »

12th Mar 2018
Check out the new footer Stack Media Design is creating

Stack Media Design is in the process of creating a new footer for Buff Brides. So often we see websites that don't maximize the design and feel of the footer on the website. Perhaps it's because it's on the bottom of the page(s). Nonetheless here at Stack Media Design we believe in capitalizing on creating a stunning and beautiful footer. The ... Read More »

10th Feb 2018
New articles for 2018 in our Knowledgebase

Check out some of our new articles in our Knowledgebase.We have a set of two new articles that cover Cloudflare.The first article is good if you're not sure what a CDN or Cloudflare is. This article covers an in-depth look at what a CDN like Cloudflare is and why it may be useful for a website. The article uses a simple example to fully illustrate ... Read More »

9th Feb 2018
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